Escaping end of day fatigue.

     I’ve been working as a software developer for three years now. I’ve noticed some days where I’m tired/exhausted after work.  This causes me to lose motivation and I just want to sleep. This is a “fake” feeling in my opinion because it’s not really true. I’ve been sitting all day staring at a computer so how much calories could I have possibly burned? It’s just a feeling and actually I have tons of energy that I can expend. When I cycle to work and back this tends not to happen. Doing something physical right after totally removes this feeling and gives me more energy.

     It’s unnatural to spend 8-9 hours at a office focused on a computer screen. We were not built to do this. The great thing, is that the brain is highly malleable and we can reverse these effects by doing something more primal to get our brain chemistry back on track. The easiest way is exercise right after work.